Temptation is Everywhere!

So let’s talk about temptation.  No matter how well you are doing on your journey, at some point temptation is going to try to derail you.  No matter how strong willed you are temptation will show up.  It may be subtle or it may show up like a box of two dozen frosted Valentine Sugar Cookies that sits on your counter for a week, tempting you every time you walk by.  How to deal?  It depends on what type of temptation it is.  But for this article, let’s talk about food temptations.


  1. Ignore the temptation.  This only works for so long.  You usually end up eating everything except the one thing you are ignoring.  Not helpful.
  2. Take one bite.  For some people this works and for some it doesn’t.  It just depends on your personality and your ability to walk away.
  3. Have one.  Enjoy it. Move on.  Then freeze half of the rest of whatever it is, and make the kids eat the rest.
  4. Find a healthy alternative to the temptation and let yourself go crazy with it.


Temptation is the one thing I struggle with.  So when I started my own journey I decided from the beginning that I would allow myself one cheat day a week.  It worked for a while, but then I read (either in an article or a book that I can’t recall)  this:


“You don’t cheat on your spouse, so why would you cheat on yourself?”

Let that sink in for a few seconds.  I’ve been married almost 12 years and never once thought of being unfaithful to my husband, but literally daily I struggle with cheating on myself.  Why?  Why is it so easy to treat myself worse than I would treat anyone else?  That has to change I thought.  I’m so worth this, even if I don’t readily admit it.  


Even so, thinking about that still seemed like I was punishing myself.  Let’s be honest, if I go to my mom’s and she’s having lasagna that night, I’m not going to give up my mom’s lasagna.  Her lasagna really is famous!  But I’m not going to have it every day either.  So then I altered my mindset and decided that I wasn’t going to cheat on myself, but I’m also not going to berate myself for slipping up every once in a while.  I allow myself one cheat meal a week, not one cheat day. The next meal I’m right back on track.


So what did I do when temptation walked through my door disguised as Valentine cookies….I did it all.  I am human after all.  I ignored it for almost a week, then I took a bite.  Then I waited a week, and I decided I would have one.  Then I found an alternative recipe I could make myself, that was on plan with my nutrition goals and then I didn’t have to feel guilty at all…and I let the kids eat the rest.


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