Self-Conscious at the Gym?

How many of you decide to take the step to better health only to find that you feel like you need to get in shape to go to the gym?  I did.  I always felt self-conscious about walking in the gym.  The door always made the loudest noise when I was entering, as if to announce that I was there.  Loud enough that I felt like every person in there at the time stopped and watched me walk in.  I had decided on a game plan before I went so that I would at least feel like I knew what I was doing there.  I knew what equipment the gym had available so I based what I was going to do on what was there, what was open, and what I knew how to use.  My game plan was something like this…cardio to warmup, legs or arms for weights, possibly some core work, and then cool down.  How did that work out for me?  I would usually walk in and make a bee-line to the cardio equipment.  I would pick the treadmill or the stationary bike and warm up for 5 minutes on it, while surveying the other equipment.  Then I would move to either arms or legs.  If the gym wasn’t very crowded I would do inverted crunches.  Then cool down on the opposite cardio equipment from the warmup.  This usually took 30-45 minutes depending on the day.  


I can distinctly remember the one day that I didn’t feel self-conscious.  I was on the treadmill and a young girl about 16 was on the treadmill beside me.  I knew her, I’d watched her grow up in our small town, and she was always an athlete until her senior year when she got pregnant.  But there she was in the gym, 8 months pregnant, young, and RUNNING on the treadmill.  Right. Beside. Me.  Here I was…years older than she, overweight, and knowing full well that I would never keep up with her.  And ya’ll it was ok.  I realized right then that we all have our own battles.  It probably  took just as much courage for her to walk into her high school weight room with everyone in there and jump on the treadmill as it did for me to walk in there.  We were  both there for the same reason though.  We both wanted better health.  


Maybe we become more comfortable the more we go somewhere or maybe we just decide that it doesn’t matter what we think other people think of us or maybe we decide we don’t care what other people think, but the day comes when you decide your health is more important than what you think others believe about you and you just start believing in yourself.

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