Orange Dumbbells

When my babies came into my life, I realized that getting out of my house without them in tow to lift weights was clearly becoming an impossibility I decided I needed something I could do at home. I had recently joined a program that my county extension agent offered called Strong Women, and I quickly found that the exercises that we did there, I could easily duplicate at home but would need dumbells to do so.  When I started Strong Women it was a 30 minute program that I went to twice a week during my lunch hour.  During that time we did leg raises, leg extensions, bicep curls, squats, chest presses and a few other exercises, and it only took 30 minutes.  That 30 minutes made me feel so good (I admit it might have been the endorphins) to be doing something for myself that I decided if I could add that to my home routine another once or twice a week, that buying dumbells would be worth it.    


I put off buying dumbbells because I have medicine balls but I only have one of each weight, 4 lbs, 6 lbs. & 8 lbs. Maybe I could have used my medicine balls and done two sets, switching the balls for each set, but having equal weighted dumbbells seemed like a better idea.  Here’s the thing about buying equipment….it’s going to do one of two things.  It’s either 1.) going to make you feel guilty when you see it sitting there unused or 2.) it’s going to motivate you into using it.  Quite possibly it could do both.


That week was hectic and I didn’t have much time in the evenings, I had commitments at lunch that I couldn’t go home then and so there they sat for a few days.  They were beautiful….gleaming orange wrapped in the bag.  The smell of new rubber coating, and they were 8 pounds each, heavier than what I had been using at Strong Women.  I was excited when I got them, but as that week wore on I just started feeling more guilty about spending money on something that was just sitting there.  I told myself I shouldn’t have gotten them, they are just adding to the clutter in my house, but I didn’t want to return them.  Then the night came when my son asked me “What are these?” so I told him and he said “Well let’s unwrap them so you can use them.”  He picked them up and said “Mom these are so heavy!”  But because he took the time to unwrap them, I grabbed them after dinner and did my first session with them.  He was getting ready for bed and I was just finishing when he found me and said “Mom you’re using them both?  You’re so strong!!”  Do you have any idea what kind of Superwoman you feel like when you’re little boy says you are strong?  It kept me smiling for days when I thought of it.   


In the days that followed just seeing them sitting there, motivated me to pick them up whenever I had a moment of  time.  Sometimes it’s 30 minutes, sometimes its 15 minutes, sometimes it’s just the 8 minutes that it takes to steam a bag of green beans in the microwave.  But at least it’s something for that day and in the end it’s better than nothing.  

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