Oodles of Troodles

Troodles w Butter

Zoodles, Voodles, Troodles…whatever you choose to call these, they are fantastic.  Who knew that simply preparing a vegetable in a different way could be so fun and flavorful to eat.  The first time I saw them was on a cooking show.  (Confession, I love to cook!  And…I’m addicted to cooking shows.  Specifically The Pioneer Woman and the Barefoot Contessa.)  I was watching probably my least favorite cooking show The Kitchen on The Food Network and they were going over all the new and different kitchen gadgets that you could use to make these little strings of heaven.  Ironically, I had asked for and received a Troodle maker for Christmas, but had yet to use it.  But watching that segment of their show made me decide to get it ready to use.  Then I found a recipe in my THM cookbook.  After a trip to the grocery store I was ready.  These are by far the easiest dish to make, and quite honestly one of the healthiest and tastiest.  You can pair them with just about anything….chicken, swedish meatballs, pasta sauce with meat, butter & parmesan, and if you have any leftovers (doesn’t happen very often in my kitchen)  you can even make an omelet with them.    

Troodle Omelet

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