Life Lessons

The universe has a way of teaching us valuable lessons when we get out of alignment with ourselves.  Even at {almost} 40, I’m still getting these lessons.  I guess you could say I’m a lifelong learner.  

The two most powerful things the universe taught me….

Power of Positivity – I was recently reminded how the power of positivity is the better choice.  I had a lapse in judgement & let negativity get to me.  Even worse, is that I voiced my negativity.  Maybe if I had chosen to be more positive about the situation or let it go altogether it would have been different.  But I learned a lot, including always look for the positive, not say anything, and keep those thoughts to myself.

Be true to yourself, your goals and your priorities.  I had an opportunity present itself and on the surface it looked great.  But once I dug deeper, I realized that it wasn’t what it seemed.  But I couldn’t see that at first.  I thought it was something I needed to do, something I should do.  Which in turn stressed me out, worried me, and resulted in me completely losing my shit one afternoon.  Not good!  The instant I decided this opportunity wasn’t for me, I felt relieved.  It wasn’t until I really thought it over that the reason I lost it that day was because I wasn’t being true to my goals and priorities. This opportunity wasn’t going to get me closer to my goals, and when I let it go, my life realigned and felt much more peaceful.

I don’t know about you but living a life that is aligned with my goals & priorities, leading to a more positive and peaceful existence, makes for a much happier, calmer, and more-present momma and wife.  That most definitely is what I want!

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