It’s not a competition…

Over the past several days I’ve seen several articles/emails/arguments on eating healthy over the holidays.  Some articles suggest we should indulge, some say eat healthy, some say eat in moderation, and others say we should eat before we go to a celebration because clearly we can’t control ourselves.  Some even suggest that we shouldn’t make healthy food that tastes horrible just to feel better about ourselves.  There’s something seriously wrong with this and it’s been bothering me for a while to the point that I couldn’t even write.  I was so upset by this whole thing that I had to take a couple of days to think it over.


I confess, I put out a Healthy Summer BBQ booklet.  Every recipe was based off of a recipe that I loved, but had a few ingredients that didn’t work for my body, that I’ve discovered through my journey that my body does better without.  I didn’t want to lose the flavor or taste, so I changed it up, tried it out and decided that I loved it enough to share it with the world.    


Here’s the thing about all those articles I was reading…I think they are missing one valid point.  If eating a healthier version of a recipe makes you feel better, then do it.  If eating a regular version is what you want to do, then do it.  If you have an extra day off work and want to workout that morning, then do it.  It shouldn’t be about a competition or guilt or shaming, it should be about doing what feels good to you and your body.  It’s not wrong to want to eat healthy or not just because it’s a holiday weekend.  


I cooked a lot of the sides for our cookout, and I chose to make them full of veggies.  I also knew someone coming to our BBQ would bring a delicious dessert that I would want to try out.  It was fantastic!  I ate a little of everything and not only did I feel great physically because my stomach didn’t bother me, but it felt good to me to put tasty healthy food in my body.
If you didn’t get a copy of my booklet, you still can, just fill out the form below. There’s plenty of summer left to enjoy some easy recipes.  

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