Is Losing Weight just about the Number?

 We hear it all the time, the number on the scale is just a number, a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat, don’t let the scale rule your world, use measurements not the scale, and on and on.  I both agree and disagree.  Here’s the thing, if you are overweight, and I’m not talking just 10 pounds here, but if you have a lot to lose and you never see the scale move, it’s really hard to want to keep working at it.  It’s hard to feel successful without some type of motivation.  We have to see progress, feel progress, find something that makes what we are doing worthwhile.  
That being said…It’s not all on the scale, if you have more energy then Win!  If you sleep better then Win!  If you have to buy a smaller pair of jeans then Win!  These are known as non-scale victories.  All of these can happen without the scale moving much, but I’m not gonna lie, working hard at eating right and working out is very disappointing if you don’t see anything on the scale.  If it was just a number, then why do you get denied life insurance based on your weight?  Why are there weight limits on ladders & amusement park rides?
I never put much thought into non-scale victories (NSV) until I experienced a few myself.  They are subtle, they are sneaky little things that make you think “Wow! I’m really doing this!”  Sometimes they are the things that you don’t realize that you couldn’t or didn’t do until you can do or willingly do them.  They are also sly little things that make me wonder what else I can do. 🙂


NSV’s are even more important than the scale!  They do so much more for my mindset and my outlook than any number on a scale ever did.


Here’s a few NSV that I’ve experienced….some may sound silly, but it’s all about what makes you feel great and keep going!
  • Crossing my legs easier.  Whether its sitting indian-style or sitting in a chair with one crossed over the other.
  • Sitting in a chair and noticing that it seems huge and you aren’t touching the sides.
  • Putting on any piece of clothing that you’ve had for years and it’s too big. (I never knew that feeling!)
  • Going to the doctor and them finding a vein in your hand instead of having to use your AC.  (I’m an EMT, forgive me this one!)
  • Seeing the tendons on the top of your hand.
  • Going up steps and feeling stronger.
  • Having more energy!  Not wanting to sit around!
  • Stopping in a store just to try on a pair of jeans the next size down to see how close you are and finding out that they fit!  
These are all about mindset and have nothing to do with the scale.  Find your groove and keep going, look for your own NSV’s…they will get you through the weeks of no scale movement.  
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