Goodbye Food Scale!!

We recently updated our kitchen countertops and backsplash, which means I had to take everything off my countertops.  Who knew I had that much space!  But when you remove the cooking tools, canisters, coffee machine (don’t worry that’s going back on there!) and the odds & ends that end up on the counter, you realize how much nicer it looks with less on it.  Which in turn makes me really reluctant to put it all back.  So I’ve taken my time doing that and I’m being selective.


I picked up the food scale out of the box.  Who knew a simple food scale could cause such a struggle.  I mean really!  I don’t use it anymore.  I used to but it’s been years.  I used to count calories, and points, and weigh my food out.  I never lost much when I was doing all that.  Maybe it helped my math skills, but I that’s really about it.  It never lead to lasting weight loss, and it certainly didn’t lead to a happier me.  So why is it so hard to get rid of it?  What I’m doing now is much more sane, it’s working, it’s easier, it’s better for my family too.  I think the reason I’m reluctant is because there’s a small part of me that thinks what if I end up back there again?  What if I need it.  But I don’t, and I know that.  I’m not going back, I’ve finally found what works for me, and it’s made all the difference in the world.  


I think that’s the key is making the decision to keep doing what’s working.  Don’t let the fear sabotage your efforts and all the progress you’ve made.  (By the way, I’m typing this so that I will read it myself.   Sometimes I need to hear it to keep me going.)  


I threw away the scale.  It reminds me of the old me that I don’t want to be anymore.  
Next up is the closet….there’s a lot of old me in there too.

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