Go your own way…or find a group to go with!

Change is always unnerving both for those trying to change something about their life, and also to those close to us. Sometimes those close to us struggle to see us change our habits because they worry about what that will mean for the relationship they have with you. It’s hard to reassure them because you aren’t the same person before, but sometimes you aren’t even sure who you will become.

Sometimes the best thing you can do on your journey is find a support system outside of your family. It will help reduce the stress, they don’t have to be your cheerleader because you have other places that fill that need. You won’t get frustrated with those closest to you telling you what you should be doing. You need to find a community of like minded mamas or women that will encourage you and celebrate your wins. It may seem crazy to think that your family can’t support you, but honestly sometimes you need to hear it from somewhere else.

Trying to find a good place for support is hard! Friends come and go. It’s a hard fact of life. Living in a remote or rural location is also a factor. Not everyone lives in the city with people at every corner. So what’s a girl to do? Online communities are a great place to start if you don’t have a local resource. Most of these are centered around Facebook groups and they are a fantastic resource. I know when I started my journey years ago, I would have been much more enthusiastic about it myself if I had support outside of my family. Just the idea of having others that were going through the same things as me would have been a huge motivator for me.

It’s hard to connect with people in today’s world. We are all busy chasing kids, and taking care of our parents, working, and trying to take care of ourselves. Add in the day to day tasks of cleaning and house chores, it leaves very little time or patience to search out a community. But the benefits of a community are numerous!


That’s why I’m doing it for you. I’m building a community of women to encourage you, motivate you, and celebrate your wins. I know how hard it is, I’ve been there, and I also know that had I had this kind of motivation it would have been so much easier on those days when I felt discouraged and disappointed in myself.

In August, I will be hosting a FREE challenge, 40 for Diana, to start us out, then in September I’m launching Fresh Start Fit Club. A community of women to support and encourage each other, and a place where you can find answers and motivation to help you live your best Fit Living lifestyle. I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to you.

If you want first chance at this opportunity, make sure you are signed up for my email list, as that group will know about it first! Sign up here: www.fitlivingwithdiana.com/emailmotivation

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