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Sunday is Valentine’s Day.  It’s a dreaded holiday for most whether or not you are in a relationship or not.  If not, the day brings the loneliest feelings in the world, and if you are in a relationship, then there’s always the pressure of what to get your love interest, how much to spend, where to take them, is it enough, etc.  Too much pressure!  We try to stay home that day because in my past experience the restaurants are crowded, the service is slow, and the food is usually cold.  Couple those things with the fact that I have two little valentine’s at home, we decided to make Valentine’s Day a family day.  We make a special dinner, have a special dessert, maybe rent a movie after the kids are asleep.  But then there’s the one person I always leave out of showing them my love.  Me.  Does that surprise you?  How many times do we look in the mirror and hate what we see?  Or maybe we don’t hate what we see, but we certainly aren’t kind to the image in the mirror.  We only see the things we want to change.  I have to look hard to see past my imperfections.  But when I do, what do I love?  I love the way my eyes crinkle when I laugh.  I love being short because sometimes I have to ask for help for things on the top shelf, and since I am fiercely independent, it makes me realize that it’s nice to have people in my world to help.  I love my hands because they are soft and they allow me to care for those around me.
Find something about yourself you love, and make sure to send yourself a Valentine this year.

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  1. Denise Bruckerhoff says: Reply

    Diana is my sister & this last year has been a new beginning for her no matter the outcome. I have watched her, prayed for her, stood by her side & been her biggest cheerleader during this journey called life. What she never realized is that there were times, a lot of them, that I wished we could trade places because I wanted to take the pain away from her even if for only a moment that others inflicted with their ignorant behavior. Other times I was jealous of her & wanted what she had, but she never allowed herself to fully understand that because at the center of it all she fixated on her weight. I believe she has finally learned that health includes mind, body & spirit. Everyone of us is deserving of love & happiness. Sometimes we have to roll with the punches & choose our battles, but the battle is always our own. I’m happy to see that my sister is learning to love herself as much as her family always has & always will. So proud of you sissy!

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