I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about what I’m doing, because I’ve been told I look good. (I want you to know how hard it was for me to type the last part of that sentence.) It’s a huge compliment to me, and sometimes I have a hard time taking compliments. I’ve gotten better, and my answer is “Thank you for noticing.” And I mean that it the absolute most sincere way. It means a lot that someone else is noticing my hard work.

Following that discussion ensues a short discussion about what I’ve been up to, and I tell them about the Fit Living website, and some of the programs I have coming out. We talk a little about what they have been dealing with and what their struggle is or has been. And then it happens, I get a list of reasons why they can’t or haven’t lost weight/worked out/felt better/fill in the blank. It makes me so sad. Because I remember those days. All too well. Bottom line, I want to help them, and I want to tell them “I KNOW!” I’ve been there.

I remember wanting to workout and eat better, but not knowing how or what I should be eating. I remember sitting on the couch knowing I should be doing more or out walking or taking the kids outside to play. I remember thinking that it didn’t matter if I did because I would never be a size 2 or weigh X amount of pounds.

Looking back from where I am now I can say….It’s not about the size, and it’s not about the scale. If I had known then, how much energy I would have, or how confident I would have felt, or how my outlook would have changed, I would’ve gotten off that couch every time. But there’s no way to know that in advance. You just have to believe me that it will come. And it will.

Listening to the reasons why not, makes me want to ask, “but tell me the one reason why?” What’s the one thing that would make you want to get off the couch? Because it’s a choice. Nobody likes to hear that, I know I certainly didn’t, but it is. And it’s not a choice that you can always make on your own. Sometimes we need accountability, sometimes we need motivation, sometimes we need support. I know I did. Sometimes I needed someone telling me a 1000 times before I could tell myself. Humans are just like that.

Sometimes the choice is just reaching out to someone and asking for help. Sometimes it’s just taking that first step, going to that first class, picking up a dumbell, getting off the couch, or even just picking chicken over pasta. Sometimes, the only choice we need to make is to love ourself and then it’s much easier to make the other choices.

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