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  • 40 Lessons

    In honor of my birthday this year, I compiled a list of all the best advice I’ve heard, thoughts I’ve had, and things I wish I had known sooner.  Other people are more worried about themselves than they are you.  Do you own thing and don’t worry about what someone else thinks. Live your truth. […]

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  • Beautiful Indulgences

    I spent the weekend celebrating my one and only nephew’s first birthday this weekend.  With it came some delicious party foods and cake and punch….Let’s just say that I did not always make the healthiest choices. There was birthday cake to be had!  My moms frosting is divine!  I don’t feel guilty at all.  In […]

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  • Oodles of Troodles

    Zoodles, Voodles, Troodles…whatever you choose to call these, they are fantastic.  Who knew that simply preparing a vegetable in a different way could be so fun and flavorful to eat.  The first time I saw them was on a cooking show.  (Confession, I love to cook!  And…I’m addicted to cooking shows.  Specifically The Pioneer Woman […]