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  • 40 for Diana

    I’m turning 40 in August.  How on earth did I get here so fast?  Just yesterday I was 29.  I swear.  Anyway…I decided to celebrate in a little different way this year.  I’m hosting a free #40fordiana August Challenge this year. I’ve had several people tell me they just wished someone would tell them what […]

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  • It’s not a competition…

    Over the past several days I’ve seen several articles/emails/arguments on eating healthy over the holidays.  Some articles suggest we should indulge, some say eat healthy, some say eat in moderation, and others say we should eat before we go to a celebration because clearly we can’t control ourselves.  Some even suggest that we shouldn’t make […]

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    I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about what I’m doing, because I’ve been told I look good. (I want you to know how hard it was for me to type the last part of that sentence.) It’s a huge compliment to me, and sometimes I have a hard time taking compliments. I’ve gotten better, […]