Back to School Meal Planning

School starts this week and it’s time to get organized for the year.  One of the best things I do for my week is to plan out a week or two of meals.  This isn’t meal prep, this is just planning & organization.  It helps avoid the “What’s for supper?  What do I have to make supper?” dilemma.


Step 1:  Gather Supplies & Research

I need my phone or computer to look at Pinterest for recipes that I pinned and want to make, paper, pen, cookbook(s) that I want to use, a clear space on the table, and a cup of coffee. Then I set myself up on the table, open the doors to the pantry so I can see what we already have, and also take a minute to look in the fridge and both freezers.


Step 2:  Find Recipes

I use my cookbooks & Pinterest the most for recipes.  I try to stay with 1-2 cookbooks each month just to keep it simple.  I look for 10-15 recipes that I want to use.  This will make enough food for around 20 days for our family when you consider leftovers.   


Step 3:  List Making

I end up with 2 lists.  The first is my shopping list, and the second is my Recipe List.  For each recipe I write down on the shopping list any ingredient I need.  Then I put the recipe name, cookbook name, and page number on the Recipe List.  Pinterest recipes are always marked with a capital P.

Shopping List          Recipe List

Step 4:  Shopping List

The shopping list goes to the grocery store with me and I stock up for the next 2-3 weeks.


Step 4.1:  Recipe List

The recipe list goes on my refrigerator and each day as I cook I pick one thing that sounds good because I know I’ve already got everything I need to make it.  Finding the recipe is easy because I have the cookbook name & page number or marked it P for a Pinterest recipe that I’ve pinned.  After I make a recipe I scratch it off the list, because I don’t have all the ingredients on hand now.


This entire process takes around 30 minutes to do, an hour or two of grocery shopping, and saves me a ton of time during the week, leaving me free to do the things I really love, or at least have time to help with homework, play with the kids, and maybe even get in a 15 minute workout.


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  1. Angela Justice says: Reply

    I’ve never been this organized mainly because I didn’t know where to begin. Thank you for a game plan!

    1. dski2016 says: Reply

      It really does help my week. I’d love to hear your feedback after you try it!

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