Beautiful Indulgences

I spent the weekend celebrating my one and only nephew’s first birthday this weekend.  With it came some delicious party foods and cake and punch….Let’s just say that I did not always make the healthiest choices. There was birthday cake to be had!  My moms frosting is divine!  I don’t feel guilty at all.  In my previous life I might have felt like I fell off the wagon, felt like I’d ruined the week and eaten whatever I wanted and not worked out for the rest of the week.  But once I made my lifestyle change, that changed. So long as I respect my body and make healthy choices 80-90% of the time then my indulgences are only that, beautiful indulgences.  Celebrations of life are something to look forward to! My little nephew only turns 1 once, and sharing a piece of cake with him is something I’ve waited my whole life to do!  

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