40 Lessons

In honor of my birthday this year, I compiled a list of all the best advice I’ve heard, thoughts I’ve had, and things I wish I had known sooner.

  1.  Other people are more worried about themselves than they are you.  Do you own thing and don’t worry about what someone else thinks.
  2. Live your truth.  If it isn’t authentic to you then don’t do it.
  3. Take time to enjoy the things you love.  Including people.
  4. Always have a hobby.  Something you do for the pure enjoyment you get from it.
  5. Move your body.  Every day.
  6. Breathe.  It will be ok.
  7. Just be.  It’s a hard skill to learn.
  8. Drink more water.
  9. Read.  Books, magazines, childrens literature, the internet, the bible.  There is a world of information at our fingertips.
  10. Take care of your feet.  It’s almost impossible to be happy and lead a postive life if your feet hurt.
  11. When you feel yourself getting bored, it’s time to learn a new skill.
  12. Some of the best education I’ve ever received did not happen at a school or university.
  13. Play with your children.  They will love it & you will love their toys.
  14. Learn to cook.
  15. Dance with your spouse or your children.
  16. Find a signature dish/dessert/drink that is totally you.
  17. The best way to learn about yourself is to sell your thoughts or ideas.
  18. Watch your kids play.
  19. Watch your kids sleep.
  20. Pray.
  21. Believe in two things…yourself & your ability.
  22. Don’t rely on others for your own happiness.  It resides only within.
  23. Get a pedicure at least every month during the summer.
  24. Write down everything funny that your kids say.  You will forget & they say the most hilarious things.  Someday you will want to remember those small things.
  25. Hide your favorite chocolate.  There will be days that it will save your sanity.
  26. Write down anything you remember about your grandparents.
  27. Remember that not all your friends are there for a lifetime.  Some are only for a season.
  28. This too shall pass.  I used to think this was BS, turns out its true.
  29. Your kids will cuss.  Probably at a younger age than you will be ready for.
  30. Take care of you.  No one else will.
  31. Plant flowers or a garden.
  32. Its never too late to be who you want to become.
  33. Weightloss is a journey, be happy with yourself each step of the way.  If you aren’t happy now, you certainly won’t be once you hit the magic number.
  34. Make a list of your top priorities and always remember what they are.  If something doesn’t move you closer to that goal then don’t do it.
  35. “No” does not need an explanation.
  36. Don’t do everything for your kids.  Let them figure it out and watch them.
  37. Listen to those older than you.  Their life stories are inspiring.
  38. Say I’m sorry.  Often.  Mean it.
  39. Ask for forgiveness.
  40. Love.  Yourself & others, but above all make sure they know it.  Life is short.

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