40 for Diana

I’m turning 40 in August.  How on earth did I get here so fast?  Just yesterday I was 29.  I swear.  Anyway…I decided to celebrate in a little different way this year.  I’m hosting a free #40fordiana August Challenge this year.

I’ve had several people tell me they just wished someone would tell them what to do or what to eat to make their healthy lifestyle easier.  So here’s the deal…I took it to heart.

I did so because I can’t tell you how many times I wished for the same thing.  I wished someone would just give me the magic formula and if I did X, Y, Z, that it would help.  I wished that I had the energy and courage to walk out the door and just go for a walk.  I wished that someone could wave a magic wand and I would be more mindful of what was going in my mouth.

I’ve since learned, there’s no magic formula, and what works for one body, doesn’t always work for another, BUT I never felt bad when I was doing something good for my body.  Whether that was eating healthier meals or just eating more fruits & veggies than usual, drinking more water, or moving my body.  Those small efforts always made me feel better and over time, they added up.

It was not an overnight change.  It was slight and barely noticeable at first to others, but I could feel it and eventually I began to see it as could others.  So I wanted to create something to help others on their journey.  I wanted to create something fun, something easy that would make Fit Living a realistic goal for so many that didn’t know where to start.    I wanted to create something for those that just wanted some guidance and some ideas on what to do each day.

Here’s where you start! #40fordiana Join me for the month of August!




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  1. Kristy M. says: Reply

    #40. Diana, you are an inspiration! Tonight we will grill lean meat and veggies on the grill because we need to choose healthier meals for our family. I have boys that want a meat plus 5 sides! What advise can you give me to show my family healthier options?

    1. dski2016 says: Reply

      Hi Kristy! Thanks for stopping by. As for showing your family healthier options, I think first you have to lead by example and then give them the options. I always tell my kids, they have to try everything we are having. They don’t have to eat it if they don’t like it, but they have to try it. It doesn’t always work, but they usually end up eating more than 1 bite. As for the 5 sides, I would begin by always making one of those sides be a salad, then slowly switch the sides to healthier options…baked sweet potatoe instead of white potatoe, roasted veggies with butter and italian seasoning, frozen veggies instead of canned, mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, fresh fruit with whipped cream for dessert instead of ice cream. I hope this gives you some ideas of where to start.

  2. Angela Justice says: Reply

    Happy 40th birthday! Love you!

    1. dski2016 says: Reply

      Thank you!!

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