4 Reasons Why I Workout with my Kids

#1 If I don’t work out with my kids around, then honestly it’s probably not going to get done. 99% of the time I workout with them. I only recently started working out on my lunch hour and throwing on some deodorant and powder to go back to work, but generally anything I do in the evening has to include my kids. By the time I work all day, fix supper, do homework and take care of the family, there just isn’t enough time, energy, or desire to schedule a trip to the gym. My kids spend all day at daycare/school while I work, so I look forward to seeing them in the evenings, and I WANT to do things with them. I didn’t have kids to not spend time with them, but I still need to take care of momma. I want them to see me trying to better myself, I want them to see me enjoying things that I like that help make me the person that I am, and I want them to see me trying to take care of my health because I want them to have a positive outlook on their own health, life & fitness someday.

#2 My kids think it’s fun, and that we are playing together. What better way to get some quality time in with them than be doing something that they think is playing? Also, why can’t it be fun and playing for me too? I mean really, have you ever watched kids at a park? They are running around like crazy and having the time of their life. They don’t care who is watching. I want some of that!

#3 If I get tired they will touch my toes for me. All kidding aside, Sunday I was doing a quick workout (because who has time to spend hours working out in my world??) Little Miss decided to join me, and when I asked her if she could touch her toes, she bent over and touched my toes. Then while doing leg lifts she kept grabbing my feet and trying to put my leg down.

#4 It’s good for a laugh. Have you ever watched a toddler try to touch her toes, or watch her mimick you doing downward dog? Watching my 6 year old try to balance in tree pose is a hoot and he usually eventually ends up in a pile of giggles on the floor. Laughing is great for reducing stress levels, so this one is a win-win.

We all feel better after a quick workout, and I truly love being with my kids.  It doesn’t get more simpler than that.



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