Fit Living & What Does It Mean

Fit Living.  When I think about fit living the question always arises, is it just physical fitness?  Is it just eating right and exercising?  For me it isn’t.  Fit Living is a combination of a lot of things, both physical, nutrition, spiritual, emotional, and social.  I feel that Fit Living is living your best life in regards to all of these areas.  So what’s your “best life”?  It’s unique to each individual.  


My physical best life means moving every day.  Getting out, getting fresh air, or doing something I love to make my body feel strong.  


My nutritional best life is fueling my body with the right foods at the right times so that I have the energy to chase my kids, do my job, fulfill my volunteer commitments.  My nutritional life also includes finding ways to treat myself so that I don’t feel guilty or feel like I’ve failed.


My spiritual best life is putting my faith first and remembering that there are things out of my control, but knowing that He is already there.  Sunday is my favorite day, I spend the day with my family, we go to church and we come home and work on projects.  It’s the most peaceful day when I start with my spiritual life intact.  I start each day with the week with a scripture verse.  It kind of sets the mood for my day.


My emotional best life is always changing.  I’m a worrier, which is not the best for my emotional health.  I either push things away so that I don’t have to feel them or I feel them too much.  This area I work on constantly.


My social best life encompasses a lot of areas including friends, family, volunteer time, creative outlets.  I’m a social person to a point.  I like to talk with people about their experiences.  My family is super close, so when something is wrong with one of us it effects all of us.  I have to have my volunteer time because if I’m being of service to my community and to causes that are important to me, then I feel like I’m not leaving the world a better place.  My creative outlets are numerous but they make me feel accomplished.  There’s nothing better than a pretty project that’s finished!
What is your idea of fit living?  What makes up your definition of fit living?  Think about it and pick one thing that you can do today to help move you towards your idea of fit living.  

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