3 Ways to Find the Right Fit…ness

How do you find out what kind of fitness is the right fit?  It’s a question that came up in our Strong Women group recently.  Most of the women do a variety of activities whether it is walking, water aerobics, weights, cardio rehab, etc.  Finding the courage to try something out or try something without investing a lot of money until you know if you like it or not is a big obstacle when you are starting this journey.  As with anything though, you have to find something you like in order to want to keep doing it.  You also have to get past what your perception of yourself is and what you think others are thinking.  Trust me, they aren’t thinking about you as much as you think they are. 🙂
Here’s 3 ideas to get you started:
  • Call a friend and go for a walk with them while you talk.  Go to a park or a trail and just walk.  Once you get comfortable being out in “public” with someone then take a walk by yourself.  The advantage to walking in a public area is that even though there are people around, they are generally doing their own thing and it’s not as intimidating as walking into a gym.
  • If you live in an area that has a YMCA, Community College, or Fitness Center, call and get the schedule of classes.  Most allow you one free class or a reduced rate for one class.  (Community College’s usually will allow anyone over the age of 60 to audit any class – not just fitness classes – for the entire semester.)  Also ask about the age groups of the attendees.  Sometimes it’s easier to walk into a class of older adults than it is 20 year olds.  Mommy & Me classes are a great way to include your children in your routine.  Some M&M classes are built for mommies & babies, but some are built for children 3 & up.  Once you have the class list, pick something that sounds fun & interesting and give it a try.  I’ll even give you permission to google the activity and watch a video and see if you think it would be something you want to try.  If you don’t like it, there’s no harm done.  Pick something else to try.
  • Rent a video on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or look for a video on YouTube.  I honestly prefer live classes to video classes, but sometimes that’s my only option.  Walk Away the Pounds series is a good one to start with. Prenatal Yoga videos are good because they generally have modified versions of poses.  You can use these variations even if you aren’t expecting until your flexibility builds.
Other resources:  Local churches and extension services will often have group classes depending on the time of year or the area that you live in.  MeetUp groups in larger cities have certain groups based on activity and age.  Checkout the community calendar on the local newspaper’s website.  Classes or activities may be listed there.
The most important thing is to find something you want to do and that you look forward to doing.  Then you can add in things that you want to do every once in awhile, and things you see as a challenge, thing you want to try just to see if you can.  
So my challenge to you is this…make a list.  Be honest with yourself, you don’t have to share it with anyone ever!  Make a list of 3 things you can do right now, 3 things you want to try, and at least 1 thing that you think you can’t do but would like to see if you can.  

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